Relax and reflect
Don’t feel nervous about the thought of breastfeeding in public. Once you’ve done it a few times you’ll become a pro. Before you venture out with your baby consider sitting in front of the mirror and watch yourself breastfeeding. You’ll see that breastfeeding barely reveals anything – especially once you’ve had a little bit of practice latching them on!

You don’t need to invest in breastfeeding fashion…
While you’ll probably need a breastfeeding (nursing) bra the jury is split when it comes to specially designed breastfeeding clothes with some mums preferring to use the one up one down method In fashion terms this means wearing a vest with a top over the top. When your little one needs a feed, all you need to do is lift your vest up and pull your top down to create just enough space to feed your baby without revealing any flesh.

Plan ahead
As a new mum you’ll probably be programmed for every eventuality when you’re out, from the spare clothes you may need in case of a little (or big leak) to the five muslins to cover every eventuality. Add breastfeeding into the mix. If you know where you’ll be going think about where you will feel comfortable giving your little one their lunch. Ask your mummy mates if they know of a spot, such as a cafe, that they’ve found to be breastfeeding-friendly.

Take a scarf or muslin with you
Some mums say they feel more comfortable when they are ‘covered’ with a scarf or muslin. Draping one of these over your shoulder and chest while you feed can give you and your baby privacy, but just make sure your baby can breathe easily.

Rope in the reinforcements
If this is the first time you’re planning to breastfeed when you’re out then take someone with you. Your mum, other half, sister or bestie are great options.

Avoid the loos
Don’t feel that you should sit in a public toilet to breastfeed. You wouldn’t eat in there, so don’t feel that your baby should.

Stand up for yourself
If some old fuddy duddy decides to mutter about breastfeeding, ignore them. As we’ve said. The law is on your side!