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Expressing your milk can prolong the breastfeeding stage and can help keep your milk supply up. Most mums who express their milk use a breast pump. A big advantage of using a breast pump is it can help you prepare your breastmilk in advance for your baby for feeds when you may not be around.

So here is our guide on using breast pumps for mums who choose to express their milk.

Manual pumps are a popular choice for many mums. A manual pump offers a few great benefits for mum including:

A manual version is great value for money
Manual pumps are small so it’s easy to store and transport
They are quiet and discreet
Manual pumps have fewer parts to go wrong, so it’s pretty reliable
To relieve very full, firm breasts
No danger of power source running out, your hand is always available.

It is worth remembering though that using a manual pump can be tiring and can take quite a while.

1. Ensure you have the equipment you need

An important part of successfully expressing your milk is to ensure you have the right equipment at the start. MAM’s award winning breast pump is a good choice as it is designed to adapt to an individual mum’s needs. It has a suction controller so you can adjust the amount of suction that feels comfortable for you and the adjustable funnel can also be adjusted to a position that works for you. The funnel also includes soft breast pads which add to mum’s comfort while expressing.

Alongside this, MAM also make milk storage solutions to ensure it is stored safely and correctly once expressed. These storage cups are easily cleaned and sterilised and an ideal storage for your breast milk in the fridge or freezer. The MAM manual pump fits the storage pots exactly – so that breastmilk is expressed directly into the beaker and hygienically stored. Breast milk can be stored for up to 3 months in the freezer. e expressing.

2. Don’t hide in the bathroom

If you are expressing your milk as you are returning to work, do remember you will need to express while you are at work, unfortunately your milk can’t wait for a more convenient time. Be sure to ask your boss for a discreet place where you can express your milk. Don’t feel you have to hide away in the toilets to express, speak to your HR department for a private room to express comfortably. Manual breast pumps are the perfect choice as they are quiet and discreet.

3. Waste not want not

Your breast milk is about the most valuable liquid there is, so wasting it is not an option. Use small storage cups to store around 2-3oz of your breast milk that can then be kept in the fridge or freezer. If you store 8oz in one container and it is defrosted, however much is left over will have to be thrown. If it’s stored in 2oz pots, you can always use two or three if necessary with no wastage.